Document Delivery Service Policy

Policy Statement

Document Delivery service at UBD Library provide copyright-compliant documents from both our library collection and AUNILO libraries. This service can accommodate requests for articles or documents not owned by our library, in which our library requests material from, or supplies material to, another library within a required time frame, electronically. UBD library also uses document delivery service provided by the British Library on Demand to acquire articles or documents not available within UBD library and AUNILO libraries.


UBD Library has an obligation to obtain materials to meet the information needs of registered library users when local resources do not meet those needs. Thus the Document Delivery service follow the rules and guidelines set forth by both UBD Library and AUNILO libraries. Copies for items requested will be provided in accordance with the Copyright Law of Brunei Darussalam (2013) and the relevant copyright acts used by other libraries.


  • The Library only accepts requests through its Document Delivery Service Form online & physical form
  • Only registered library members (Final Year Undergraduate Student, postgraduate students and bona fide researcher’s academic and non-academic staff) are eligible for this service, free of charge
  • A total of five (5) item per semester
  • Unused quota will not be carried forward to the next year
  • After five (5) fulfilled request, a full payment of the requested article will be charged to the requester
  • A fee paying service applies to registered external library members, who must pay a total deposit of $25.00 BND, including $5.00 BND service charge. When a request is not filled, $25.00 BND will be refunded back to the requester
  • Those who do not collect their DDS (physical form) within two weeks of being informed will be fined the full amount the article request and additional $2.00 BND holding charge
  • Delivery within the UBD Campus will cost an additional charge of $1.00 BND


  • Requestors must ensure that the article or document required is definitely not available at Universiti Brunei Darussalam Library.
  • Registered external members with a valid library card must pay a $5.00 BND service charge upon placing a request together with $25.00 BND deposit per request.
  • Requestors should provide clear and accurate details about the material being requested. Full citation will be helpful.
  • The citation should be verified in a dependable source so that the record is complete and correct.
  • Use the document delivery form provided through our website if the article or document is found in any of databases subscribed by the library, but the source (journal or book chapter) is not accessible.
  • The library will process the request promptly and will notify the requestor whether the request can be filled or not, depending on the availability of the item from the respective libraries (AUNILO libraries or British Library).
  • The library will email the requested article or document when it is already available.
  • For enquiries on the status of your request, please go to the Research and Information Services Desk or call ext. 1947 and 1209.