Filming & Photography In UBD Library Policy


The UBD Library may accommodate requests for photography or filming provided such photography or filming does not interfere with daily operations or patrons’ rights to privacy. This privilege is at the reasonable discretion of the UBD Library

You may do filming or photography activity with just consent from staff if inside the room that you have booked in the library

Permission Request

Permission can be obtained by done by emailing a brief details of the activity to

It must include the following:

  1. Time & Date requested
  2. Potential area needed for filming & photography activity
  3. A brief description/reason of the activity
  4. The numbers of people involved with name and/or student ID/ I.C number must be included


  • You must obtain a media pass from the reference service desk or any appropriate designee before any filming and/or photography activity taking place.
  • Abide by the terms of the Code of Library Conduct of UBD Library
  • No photography and/or filming of the patrons & staffs without consent
  • No photography and/or filming the content of the material as it is protected under copyright law.
  • Any offices & Level 3 of the library area is not permitted.
  • Minor changes to the furniture’s is permissible but must place it back to its original place.
  • You must follow the staff/security instructions when been told so.
  • Assume responsibility for costs associated with damage to the premises which occur as a result of the photography and/or filming, and
  • Advise the Librarian on duty and/or Security staff of any problems which arise during the photography and/or filming
  • After filming or photography activity is done please returned the pass to either Reference Service Desk or Lending Service Desk
  • The activities must include appreciation towards UBD Library
  • The UBD Library have the rights to amend/stop/interrupt your activity at any time

This document is the official policy of the Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Should there be further queries please contact:

Head of Research and Information and Promotion Services
University Library
Ext. 1209

Prepared by
Ahmad Safwan Hj Jalil
Head of Research and Information and Promotion Services