Collection Development Policy

This collection development policy (Acquisition and Gift) serves as a guideline for Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Library in the selection of acquisition library materials and gifts materials.


  1. Materials can be requested either through filling in form available in the Research Information Services Desk or online Acquisition Request Form found on the library official portal, under the Services and Facilities Tab. Enquiries on acquisition may be directed to the acquisition division of the library e-mail
  2. Materials’ requesters are not allowed to deal with any vendors. Vendors are prohibited to approach the university’s academic staff to market their materials. The library will not consider any materials requested through vendors. It is advisable that materials’ requesters to request materials according to the library procedure.
  3. Materials requested either by UBD academic staff and students will be processed by Acquisition Division of the library. However, for the Academic year 2017/2018, only materials recommendation or requests from the academic staff will be evaluated based on availability of funds. Requests received will be reviewed based on the set criteria for acquiring library materials.
  4. The criteria of acquiring library materials are as follows:
    • Materials must be relevant to the teaching and research of the university.
    • Materials are relevant publications on Brunei Darussalam.
    • Materials are not found in UBD Library (Database and physical).
    • Materials are not found in UBD partnership libraries through Reciprocal Borrowing Scheme (RBS). Information on Reciprocal Borrowing Scheme is found on the Lending information desk and the library official portal,

Historically, donations of individual items and collections, such as books and other means of Medias, have benefitted and helped UBD Library to strengthen its collections over the years.

  1. Condition of Offers

It must be understood that every items that are donated to the library may require additional spaces and may go through cataloging process. Therefore, due to space constraints and manpower taken to process donated items, the library has to be selective in what items can be accepted and added into its collections. The criteria of the gifts that will be considered by the library are as follows:

  • Academic value – UBD library is an academic library. Therefore, the gifts must have academic value to teaching and research in the university.
  • Stock management – The library will only accept appropriate material to be stored in the library.
  • Language – English is the preferred language when receiving materials such as books and other means of media. Works published in other languages on received when they are relevant to the program offered in the University.

Donours are welcome to bring materials to the library if it has been agreed with the Library. Enquiries on donation of materials can be directed to acquisition division of the library e-mail

  1. Condition of Acceptance

Donations made the library will become the property of the library. Hence, the library has the right to dispose, donate and sell any duplicates and materials deemed surplus by the professional librarians.
The library will acknowledge the gift with an official letter of appreciation signed by or on behalf of the Chief Librarian. The University library personnel will not give evaluations or appraisal to any donour for any gifts.
Potential donours must be aware that:

  • Poor condition materials will not be accepted, such as torn or missing pages.
  • Only high in demand duplicated items will be considered.
  • The library will not pay for the donated materials to be delivered
  • Materials donated will be catalogued and processed
  • E-books are usually governed by a contract. It must be checked what is the term of the contract. If the term of contract states, “non-commercial, personal use only” , it has restrictions on the purchaser or owner to donate this material to the library. Potential e-books’ donours are required to contact Acquisition Librarian for further discussion.


  • Fiction – the library will only purchase fictional works from established literary authors or award-winning best sellers and new works of promise in the literary field or those works, which would support literature course offerings.
  • Foreign-Language Materials – the purchase of other foreign language materials will be based on the curriculum offered in the university.
  • Exchange – the library is willing to consider exchange agreements with other institution. Potential exchanger is required to contact Acquisition Librarian for further discussion.

Formats for Acquisition
Materials’ formats that will be considered to be acquired by acquisition division for purchase include books, monographs, dissertations, theses, microforms, maps, pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, musical scores, audio-visual materials, memorabilia, ephemera, annual reports, local college catalogues, local telephone books, rare books, manuscripts, and etc.

This policy will be reviewed annually.

written by: Amirul Shahezal Haji Abd Rahman