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Latest Rules & Regulation

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and Hello Everyone.

Due to recent series of events of violation of rules & regulation of UBD like to remind its patrons that:

  • No Littering
    Avoid making any noises
    Do not bring in food, let alone eating in the Library
    Do not misbehave in the library like running, being loud etc.
    Do not move library furniture/equipment without permission
    No any form of liquid or food to be inside our Computer Lab at all times
    Drinking is not allowed except for water bottle only (canned drinks are banned)
    Do not damage government property including writing on any of the glass walls
    Others are activities that are deemed offensive in the library

    These action will affect the atmosphere, cleanliness and effectiveness of library learning, by disturbing and giving discomfort to other users and may disturb the image of the library and the University in the eyes of visitors

    So as from 20th November 2017, the library would not hesitate to take any action to report any violators to the Dean of Student Affairs.


    The library is very hopeful that all library patrons will play their roles and responsibilities to ensure the comfort and order of the library is always safe and secure.


    Thank you for your attention and cooperation.