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Study Rooms


Individual and Discussion Rooms at the Library were available and provided to the library users aim at providing extra services, facilities and conveniences at their own time. The following Individual and Discussion Rooms provide information and guidelines for using these services.

Individual Rooms

For Undergraduate and Postgraduate
  1. Akhtar      1.09
  2. Amsyar     1.10
  3. Aqlan        1.11
  4. Basyarah   1.12
  5. Hasanah   1.13
  6. Iftikar       1.14
  7. Imtiyaz     1.15
  8. Wadhiah   1.16
  1. Khayrah        1.17
  2. Mawaddah    1.18
  3. Tayyibah       1.19

Discussion Rooms

6 discussion rooms available at the main library
  1. Fa’izin     G.1 (4-6 persons)- Ground Floor
  2. Glass Room     G.3 (4-8 persons)- Ground Floor
  3. Glass Room     G.4 (4-8 persons)- Ground Floor
  4. Glass Room     G.5 (4-8 persons)- Ground Floor
  5. Ilman      2.21 (5-8 persons)- Second Floor
  6. Afkar      2.22 (5-8 persons)- Second Floor
  7. Amjad    2.24 (5-8 persons)- Second Floor
  8. Awwadi  2.25 (5-8 persons)- Second Floor
  9. Alham    2.23 (5-8 persons)- Second Floor

Procedures for Loans

  1. The Loans are transacted at the Lending Services Desk
  2. UBD card must be shown and staff will scan the card.
  3. Keys for individual study room or discussion room will be transacted and given to the user
  4. If in group, one UBD card must be scanned and the total number of students for the Discussion Rooms must be present at the Lending Services Desk
  5. Loan duration of Individual Room or Discussion Rooms are for 2 hours.
  6. Loan duration of Individual Room for PHD is 4 hours. The specific time are intended to give opportunity for other user to loan the room
  7. Renewal can be made online through eClick by logging in user ID and password at the e-Clik portal. (
  8. Return the key of the Individual Room or Discussion Room at the Lending Services Desk, 5 to 10 minutes before its due time.
  9. Late Returning or Late Renewal will be fined $2.50 (overdue).

For any Inquiries, please ask the staff at the Lending Services Desk, Tel : +673 2460921 ext. 1210.
Thank you.
Lending Services Divisions Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

written by: Nur Qamarina Matali & Hjh Norleha Hj Mat Yassin