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ICT Policy

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Information & Communication Technology Policy


The purpose of this policy is to set out procedure that should be followed to ensure a consistent and effective approach is in place. Library reserves the right to amend this policy whenever required without any prior notice. Library patrons are to be bound by these terms.


E-Library consists of three (3) things:

  1. Library portal – It is providing the information related to the library itself, such as policies, news, contact us, guidelines, service & facilities and more. You also may find e-resources through the library portal.
  2. Digital Collection Management System (DCMS) – It provides digitize thesis, exam papers, newspaper articles, journals, books, etc.
  3. Open Access Catalog Communication (OPAC), eClik – a place where patrons can search for resources/ materials. In addition, it is also for item renewal, checking overdue and fines.

In relation to DCMS, it is your responsibility to determine the resources whether the material is in copyright. You may first need to find the copyright owner to obtain their permission.

The library has the rights to change or update the content and layout of the e-library.

Electronic Resources Policy

It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that use of these electronic resources is for educational, scholarly and research purposes only. Prohibited activities include, but not limited to:

  • Commercial use
  • Violating Brunei Copyright Order
  • Transmitting, sharing, copying or making accessible online content to non-UBD community
  • Use of scripts, robots, or crawlers or any data mining tools to automatically copy and download licensed resources

These prohibited activities jeopardize the UBD community's continued access to licensed electronic resources. Violation of this policy and the licenses terms may result in loss of privileges and access.

Computer Lab Policy

4 computer labs available in the library. The location and opening time will be as follows:

  • Room G.34 (ground floor) [8:00 – 22:00]
  • MAC Lab (ground floor) [8:00 – 22:00]
  • Room 1.27, Bilik Akik (1st floor) [8:00 – 5:00]
  • Room 2.15, Bilik Intan (2nd floor) – Training Lab [Only open for training]

All computers provide both internet access and Microsoft office suites for free.

  • No food or drink

Food & drink are not permitted at computer workstations this include but not limited to water bottles and chewing gum. Your food & drink can be store at the main library entrance.

  • Do not leave your belongings unattended

    Please do not leave your personal belongings unattended. Staff are not responsible for lost, stolen or moved items. It is your responsibility to keep your own property safe and secure.
  • Do not reserve workstation

    The computer is based on first come, first served and it cannot be reserved. Please do not attempt to reserve a computer by leaving your belongings around it. If a station is left unattended more than 30 minutes or more, library staff may move your belongings so that another user may have access to the computer.
  • Do not reconfigure computers

    Please do not reconfigure computers, personalize desktops or alter another user's files. If you have a legitimate reason to alter a computer. Please ask a staff member to find out the appropriate procedure.
  • Do not move lab equipment and/or cables

    You must not move or unplugged any lab equipment and/or cables including Ethernet cable.
  • No laptop on the wired network

    (Exception: instructors for instructional purposes). It is fine to have laptops in the labs and be on the wireless network, they just can't be physically plugged into our power socket without plug in back the computer socket.
  • No illegal copying of ANY materials

    It is patrons' responsibility to determine any resources whether the material is in copyright or you may find the copyright owner to obtain their permission.
  • No offensive materials

    Readers must not access, download or print pornographic or other offensive materials this includes but not limited to gambling, unsafe sites, hate/discrimination and gaming sites. Anyone found viewing offensive material will be requested to cease accessing the site.
  • No disruptive behavior & keep sound levels to a minimum

    Loud talking and chatter is prohibited, please respects with other users which their priority to use the lab is may be higher than yours. You may also use your own headphones/earpiece. If you need to talk to a phone calls, you may do so outside the lab.
  • Storing personal files

    Please do not store your personal files at the computer hard drives as the computer will be clean from time to time. To ensure that your personal files do not get destroyed, please save them to your external hard drives or USB flash drives.
  • Keep computer lab clean

    Please dispose of your own trash, and pack out any items that you brought in.
  • Game playing & non-academic activities

    During any time when the labs are busy, game playing, watching movies is prohibited. You may be asked to give up your workstation if you are working on non-academic activities.
  • Theft, vandalism or abuse

    Any form of theft, vandalism, or abuse is a grave offense and shall be dealt with accordingly.
  • Software installation

You may not install software on computer workstations, including but not limited to games, instant messengers, media player, etc. if you need any specific software for academic purposes, please talk to a staff member to find out the appropriate procedure.

The labs are for UBD patrons ONLY. Library reserves the right to check for IDs. Surveillance cameras and security staff regularly patrol the computer lab. Willful violations of the above provisions shall constitute disciplinary actions. Violators may be subject to any, but not limited to, the following sanctions:

  1. Admonition
  2. Will be asked to leave the lab
  3. Temporary or permanent suspension of computer laboratory privileges
  4. Refund or replace the broken equipment

Training Lab Policy

Library provide computer lab for patrons to conduct classes or training.


  • 25 PCs (windows operating system)
  • Internet access
  • Projector
  • Microsoft office suite
  • Portable whiteboard
  • PA system (upon request)


  • Any user who wishes to conduct training or classes must first making a reservation at Research & Information Services counter.
  • It is recommended to make request a week earlier to avoid disappointment and it is also to allow system division to prepare what is necessary.
  • No last minute request will be entertain.

Public Computer Policy

  • This policy governs access to public computers by guest without UBD ID.
  • The public computer located in the view of public areas which are available and accessible at each floor.
  • The public computers provides internet access
  • The purpose for public computer are for searching materials/resources.
  • Library staff reserves the rights to stop or restrict access anyone caught using the computer for other purposes, you may be asked to give up the public computer and use computer lab instead.
  • These computers will automatically shut down when the library is closed.


Library shall not be liable for any loss, corrupted file or damage UBD Flash drives due to viruses, technical or system failures or any event beyond the reasonable control of Library.

Printing Policy

  • UBD Library provides printer that require users first need to purchase a printing card which is available at the library lending services counter. The cards are sold at $1, $3 and $5.
  • You may print your documents at a cost of $0.10 for black & white prints, or $1.00 for colour printing.
  • 3 Printing stations available at the ground floor. These stations are only meant for printing, you are not allowed to do work or browsing.
  • You are not allowed to use the printer scanner to photocopy your document. You are require to purchase photocopy card to do so and use photocopy machine that located at each floor.
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse or interrupt any activity on the printing service such as:
    • Using it for doing work or browsing
    • Infringes established intellectual property rights or
    • Contains visual depictions which are pornographic or offensive content.

Printing Refund

  • You are responsible for verifying your print settings and the printer to which they are sent prior to accepting the charges.
  • Refunds will only be provided for legitimate reasons and are granted at the discretion of the lending services office.
  • Refunds are granted in the form of print credits only, within 3 days of your request if approved.
  • Cash will not be given for print refunds
  • Refunds must be requested within 2 working days of the problem print job.
  • Refunds will be provided only for affected pages so watch your printing and keep issue pages to submit with your refund request.
  • Issue pages must be submitted to the lending services counter or any library staff.
  • With your refund request you must include:
    • Name
    • Registration Number
    • Time print issue occurred
    • Reason for your refund request
  • Valid reasons for print refunds
    • Toner smears or streaks.
    • Jammed paper.
    • Print sent, but not released
    • Nonsense characters printed
    • System/equipment error
    • Low toner or too much tonner (unacceptable print quality).
    • Other printer related defects.
  • Not a valid reasons for print refunds
    • Flaw print jobs due to user error
    • Printing to the wrong printer
    • Printing multiple copies of the wrong document
    • Printing wrong materials
    • Your document was picked up by someone else
    • Printing in colour when you wanted black & white and vice-versa
    • Printing more pages than intended
    • Spelling errors
    • Wrong page numbers.

Tips for reducing errors

  • Check print preview to make sure the correct material is being printed
  • Check printing preferences/properties to make sure the right printer options
    • portrait/landscape
    • odd/even pages
    • page selections
    • black & white or colour
    • page size
    • page per sheet
  • Check the print job release, for number of pages and correct pricing.
  • Retrieve your print jobs promptly

Scanning Policy

  • The library provides self-service scanning for free.
  • The scanner is located at ground floor near the printing station.
  • To save the scanned document you may use:
    • Your own USB flash drives
    • Email it yourself or other party
    • Cloud e.g. google drives, dropbox, iCloud & etc.
  • Library will not be responsible for lost or damage USB flash drives that will be used for saving the scanned document
  • You must not store your scanned document in the computer. Library will not be responsible if your file got copied by another user.
  • The scanner service must not be used for illegal purposes, pornographic and patrons must abide by copyright laws.

Wireless & Internet Policy

Wireless and internet access are provided free of charge by the ICTC UBD. It is only available for UBD communities. Wireless & internet access users must agree to the following conditions:

  • Patrons will comply with the UBD Library policies for electronic library services and resources.
  • The laptop owner is responsible for setting up their equipment to access the wireless network. Library staff is not permitted to handle patrons' laptop or peripheral equipment.
  • Library staff are not allowed to configure patrons' laptops, nor can they help in connecting to the wireless network.
  • Library will not responsible for the safety for laptop configuration or security of data files resulting from connection to the library's wireless service.
  • Any virus and security protection are patron responsibility. Please note that no public access hotspot is secure, so anti-virus and firewall software is highly recommended.
  • Library does not guarantee that any website or electronic transaction will work and cannot be held responsible of any loss resulting from the use of credit/debit card over the internet.
  • Library's network including wireless network may be slow, unavailable, or suspended, or interrupted at any time without warning.
  • Gambling and pornography are not permitted.
  • No printing available on the wireless network
  • The library encourage parent to supervise their children's internet usage. Library staff do not act in the place of a parent to restrict what a child may access.

If you do not agree to the above terms, please disable your wireless connection or turn off your computer/gadgets.