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ICT Policy

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Library ICT Policy

  1. Introduction
  2. Objectives of the Policy
  3. Scope of ICT policy
  4. Guidelines to the ICTs and Electronic Resources
    1. Users
    2. ICT use in Library
    3. Using the IT Facilities
    4. Printing Services
    5. Scanning Services
    6. Accessing the Electronic Resources
    7. Accessing DiLibrary Portal
    8. Accessing Bruneiana Digital Collection
    9. Management of Passwords
    10. Communication
    11. Maintenance and Repair of Library ICT Equipment
    12. Daily Maintenance
    13. Purchasing of Library ICT Equipment
    14. Security of Data
    15. Management of Computer Lab

1. Introduction
This document is the official policy document of Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Library pertaining to the provision and use of ICT services and related resources. It complements to the existing UBD ICT policy. The policy will be applied alongside with other UBD ICT related policies.

2. Objectives of the Policy
The overall objective of the library ICT policy is to provide a regulatory environment and framework for the application of ICTs in the delivery of library services.
Specific objectives of the policy are:
  • To facilitate optimal utilisation of the available ICT resources;
  • To guide the University Library on proper management of the library ICT resources;
  • To provide mechanisms for security of library ICT resources and facilities;
  • To give direction in utilisation of ICTs for library service delivery
3. Scope of ICT Policy
The policy addresses aspects of:
  • The use of the library ICT facilities and resources
  • Management of library ICT facilities and resources
  • Management and usage of electronic resources
4. Guidelines to the of ICTs Resources
Below are the guideline serve to provide information to Library Users.
4.1 Users
The following categories of users are recognised as authorised users of library ICT equipment and resources:
  • All members of UBD staff
  • All UBD students
  • All registered external members of the library
4.2 ICT Use in Library
UBD Library provides the following ICT services:
  • Internet access on all the PCs and through Wi-Fi services within the library for both Library staff and users.
  • ICT equipment, software and networks for use.
  • Digital library portal that consolidate all resources and services for the benefit of the library members.
  • Provision of self-service lending facilities
  • Provision of mobile application (MozGo)
  • Using the OPACs allowing users to access the library catalogue across all libraries
  • Current awareness and other services
4.3 Using the IT Facilities
  • 4.3.1 By using the library ICT facilities to access the Internet and all electronic resources users are agreeing that you will not access any material which:
      Is obscene, racist, defamatory or illegal
    • Causes harassment or gross offence to others
    • Would be a breach of copyright and intellectual property right
    • Breaching national security
  • 4.3.2 Users are agreeing that you will not interfere in any way with the hardware, software or general operation of the PC. Any user must stop any activity if requested to do so by a member of staff.
  • 4.3.3 Users are expected to demonstrate a responsible approach to the use of resources made available to them, and to show consideration for other users, both using the Libraries' facilities and with whom they may come into contact on the Internet.
  • 4.3.4 The Library does not accept responsibility for slow network responses, nonavailability of web sites, and the content of any e-mails received by users, other users retrieving information left on open files or any loss resulting from use of a credit card over the Internet.
  • 4.3.5 The Library has no control over the information accessed and cannot be held responsible for the content or quality of the information retrieved.
  • 4.3.6 The use of personal CD ROMs is allowed, subject to "Using the IT Facilities policy no.4.3.1".
  • 4.3.7 If a virus warning message is displayed on the computer please inform a member of Library staff.
  • 4.3.8 Users are required to remove all personal documents, downloads, uploads and etc. from the computer of their use before leaving the terminal.
4.4 Printing
The UBD library provides printer machines that require users to purchase a printing card which is available at the library lending front desk.
4.5 Scanning
The UBD library scanner is available to be used by library users. Library users are required to bring in their personal devices to save their scanned documents.
4.6 Accessing the Electronic Resources
The policy governing the use and access to the licensed databases are governed by the term of use license of the publisher and author.
The electronic resources such as databases, journals, e-books and dictionaries to which the UBD Library subscribes, can be accessed from outside UBD by using UBD Library Portal services ( through the internet access.
4.7 Accessing the DiLibrary Portal
  • Each registered user will be assigned a user ID and password in order to use the library portal
  • UBD library portal consolidate all electronic resources subscribed by the library.
  • Provides all the information, news and daily announcement.
  • The Library has the right to change and update the layout and content of the library portal.
4.8 Accessing Bruneiana Digital Collection
Selected Brunei Studies Collection have been digitized to allow library users to view them online.
These are:
  • Books
  • Manuscripts
  • Local newspaper articles
  • UBD Conference Proceedings
  • Past Year Examination papers
  • Master theses
  • PhD theses
  • UBD journals
Only past year exam papers are only allowed to be printed.
4.9 Management of Passwords
  • Portal's login and passwords are given to all registered members
  • Users are responsible for security their own passwords
  • Users should approach the lending desk to request their forgotten passwords
4.10 Communication
The ICT related channels of communication will be through the following:
  • OPAC (
  • DLibrary Portal (
  • Social Media (Facebook;, Twitter;, Instagram;, etc.)
  • E-mail
  • Any other approved university channels of communication
  • Sms
  • Chat with librarian
4.11 Maintenance and repair of Library ICT equipment
The maintenance of the library ICT equipment will be carried out by the University ICTC and authorised vendors.
The library will liaise with the ICTC and authorised UBD Library vendors for the maintenance and repair of library equipments.
4.12 Daily Maintenance
  • All library staff will be responsible on the need for proper care and maintenance of the computers in their custody.
  • The library will clean and clear all the saved data and cache twice a week public pc.
  • Users shall not save their work or data inside the library PCs.
4.13 Purchasing of Library ICT equipment
Purchase of ICT related equipment will be guided by the regulations of the University's procurement procedures and financial regulations.
4.14 Security of Data
The library will work together with the ICT Centre to ensure security of all library electronic data.
The following guidelines will be followed in ensuring security of data:
  • Back up LMS, Portal and digitization shall be done on a daily basis.
  • System librarian will liaise with the ICT Centre to ensure there is continuous and consistent back up of library data
  • Staff will be responsible to consistently back up important information in external disks
  • All computers will be installed with anti-virus software to protect them against malicious software
4.15 Management of Computer Lab
  • The library computer laboratories will be open from 8.00am to 9.00pm daily unless stated otherwise
  • An inventory of ICT equipment will be maintained
  • Do not un-plug any cables connected to any PCs in the lab
  • Do not Remove any ICT hardware from its original location
The library has the right to amend and change this policy whenever required.