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Brunei Studies Collection policy

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Brunei Studies Collection Policy

1. Introduction
Brunei Studies Collection was established as the Special Collections Unit within UBD Library in 1985. The “Brunei Studies Collection” consists of materials on Brunei Darussalam, works written by Bruneians and materials published in Brunei.

The Collection also includes other Special collections materials on Borneo, old manuscripts and rare books

1.1 Brunei Collection
Brunei collection consists of the following materials:

  • Koleksi Brunei (KBru)
  • Journal (KBruS)
  • Theses (KTes)
  • UBD Publications (KUbd)
  • Ephemera (DOC)
  • Legal Deposits (KBPU)
  • Maps (KBruMp)
  • Project papers (KUbd)
  • Past Examination Papers
  • Multimedia(KBruMed)
  • Personal Contribution Collections (KSP)
  • Newspaper Collection
  • Newspaper articles
1.2 Special Collection
Special Collection comprises of the following materials:

1) Borneo (KBor)
This collection consists of books, reports maps, etc. on Borneo (Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei Darussalam and Kalimantan)

2) Old Manuscripts (KMan)
The manuscript collection of the Universiti Brunei Darussalam consists of manuscripts from Iran, Patani (Thailand), Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The oldest manuscript dated back to the 1700’s.

3) Rare Books (KNad)
This collection consists of pre-1950 imprints in the form of books, reports, journals, etc. The collection may also include materials that are related to Brunei Darussalam, Borneo and Malay Archipelago.

2. Lending Guidelines

2.1 Loans
Loan transaction should be undertaken through the Brunei Studies Collection Service Desk. Items borrowed from the Brunei Studies open collection may be returned at the Lending Services Desk on the Ground Floor or at the Brunei Studies Service Desk.

2.2 Types of Loan
I.Normal Loan
For normal loan users may borrow out items from the open collection based on their loan entitlement and the duration is as follows:

  • Academic staff 30 days
  • Students 14 days
  • External members 14 days
II . In-House Loan
All the collections listed below can be used in house only.

  • The first copy of each title ,
  • First set of multi-volume materials,
  • Serials coded with KBruS and KUbdS ,
2.3 Reference materials coded with KBruR ,
UBD handbooks, bound newspaper articles and project papers,
  • Maps,
  • Newspapers,
  • Past years examination papers,
Renewal of Loan
  • Online through e-Click
  • 3M self-check
  • Lending Services Desk
2.4 Use of PhD Theses, Exam Papers and Legal Deposits
Users are required to fill in the Item Usage Form provided at the Brunei Studies Service Desk. Only three (3) items may be consulted at any one time.

2.5 Use of Theses
Only three (3) items can be used at one time

Use of Rare Books and Old Manuscripts
  • A letter of permission to chief librarian to use the materials at the Brunei Studies Collection by giving a complete personal detail
  • A letter of permission to use the materials must be shown to the staff at Brunei Studies Collection Service Desk prior to usage
  • Users of these materials will be required to sit at the special area near the Brunei Studies Service Desk.
  • Only pencil allowed to be brought to the special area
  • The use of the these items is restricted to research only and cannot be photocopied
  • Use of materials will be closely monitored by the library staff.
3. Late return of Materials
Fines are imposed on late return of Brunei Studies materials in line with the existing Lending policy. A twenty (20) cent fine per day is chargeable for normal loan.

4.Library Collection Development Policy
The Brunei Studies Collection Development Policy is as indicated in section 7.6.1. of the Library Collection Policy : Paper E/2005
This policy is available through library portal: and publication of library.

This policy is effective as July 2009

hda/af/ 24/06/2009/ 2nd update/5/08/09/ 3rd update/09/09/09
Brunei Studies Collection Division 2009